*so-called blythe*

OOAK custom Neo Blythe doll Coraline

"Coraline is a child from the sea. A sad sight of the sea because she's far away.

Coraline left the sea impressed by the childs playing in the beach but she's too young and needs a lovely soul to guide her to the sea again."

Coraline is my latest custom. She's looking for love. 
* Curly Blue Babe Takara RBL base doll with translucent skin 
* Complete faceup sealed with MSC UV cut flat 
* 2 new pair of handpainted chips by a new artisan 2 new pairs of realistic chips by me 
* Sleep eyes and sea art lids 
* New eyelashes 
* New pullcharms 
* Tilt licca body 
* Signed blackplate

She travels in a dress of my choice not shown in the pictures

Registered shipping with tracking number included

For further information, please email me to socalledblythe@ gmail.com 
Thank you!!

1350 EUR