*so-called blythe*


*so-called blythe* is a space for custom dolls created by me; Anna Garcia aka so-called anna. I remember as a child sewed cute dresses , trousers and shirts for my dolls , so my sister and I played with our own boutique for them. Many years later I started collecting blythes in 2006, so I started sewing and knitting again, sweaters and hats , skirts and dresses and many more things to share with fans of Blythe. As the same time I started to customize my own blythes; my first custom blythe was for me in 2007... and after many request from blythe lovers, I decided to create *so-called blythe* in late 2009.
*so-called blythe* doll is sweet, naughty, mysterious, innocentent, happy or sad but always lovely. My signature is natural freckles... All my work is full of details, care and love.

Thanks for your visit <3